Group photo of the Health & Wellness Center staff


Molly Rivera, BA—Compliance & Systems Administrator

Molly RiveraMolly Rivera has been with the Health & Wellness Center since 2007. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the City University of New York, Hunter College. Molly has vast administrative experience in both the private and public sectors. She especially enjoys working with students.



Lisa DolgosLisa Dolgos has worked at the Health & Wellness Center since September 2014. She has extensive nonprofit and volunteer experience. Prior to coming to bt365体育在线, she spent 20 years working as an event planner, community organizer, team manager, and publication designer for private schools and philanthropic organizations.




Mary Hartnett玛丽·哈奈特,RN来到bt365体育在线在2001年追求她与年轻的成人人口,其中包括在他们在大学时支持学生,因为他们浏览的健康问题的工作权益。

之前,bt365体育在线,她在家庭护理行业工作了15年,并在参观哈德逊河谷的护士服务举行的质量改进总监的位置。她在家庭护理时间以后,她曾为医疗信息系统OCS(成果概念系统)培训家庭保健机构在全国各地的实施和使用以成果为导向的文档,数据采集,数据基准,并注重成果的质量改进。这项工作包括的JCAHO标准利用率和HCFA所需绿洲数据集。她的白皮书,数据收集和分析结果为基础的质量改进以及作者。她与人合着的家庭护理手册: 以成果为导向的文档.




Cynthia SchafflerCynthia (Cyndi) Schaffler, Family Nurse Practitioner, completed her undergraduate nursing education at Hunter College-Bellevue School of Nursing in NYC, after which she worked as an Emergency Department nurse in Manhattan. After completing a masters degree and gaining certification as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, she lived in four different states over an 18-year period before returning to the New York area. Along the way, she accumulated a husband and two children, and experience working in two college health settings (San Diego State and UD/Mercy in Detroit), Indian Health Center (Utah), a Migrant Clinic (California), Planned Parenthood (in three states), and several more traditional family practice centers. She has been part of the Health & Wellness team since 2002.



Irene FieldsIrene R. Fields, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner, earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Purchase College, and a Master of Science in Nursing from Pace University. She is board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. With over 25 years practicing, her work experience includes Planned Parenthood and Columbia University Student Health Services. Her areas of interest are women’s health, immunology, and mind-body medicine. She has been part of the Health & Wellness team since 2003. She is also a songwriter/singer/guitarist with a local band: Intuition Quartet.



Margaret HoldenMargaret (Maggie) Holden, MSN, Adult Nurse Practitioner, holds an Associate degree in Nursing from Pace University and BSN & MSN degrees from Mercy College. She has worked part-time in the Health & Wellness Center since 2005 and also works at the Westchester Medical Center as a Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiology Department. Prior to this, she managed the Emergency Department for 22 years. She holds certifications in emergency medicine, trauma, pediatrics, and critical care.



Sheryl LastSheryl Last, RN joined the Health & Wellness Center in 2007. She has over 30 years of nursing experience in both private practice and clinical care. With a BS in Nursing from Binghamton University, her areas of expertise include perinatology, labor and delivery, home health, operating room, camp nursing, diabetic teaching, and phlebotomy. She currently serves as the co-coordinator of the Peer Health Education Program and works with students on an individual basis around smoking cessation. Her dog Reggie participates in our De-Stress with Pets programming and loves coming to campus.


Counseling & Psychological Services

Dina Nunziato, LCSW—Director, Counseling & Psychological Services

Dina NunziatoDina Nunziato, LCSW, is the Director of Counseling & Psychological Services the Health & Wellness Center. She completed her Master’s degree at NYU in 1989 and received postgraduate training at the Training & Research Institute for Self Psychology. In addition to her work at bt365体育在线, she has taught Integrated Clinical Practice at NYU’s 毕业 School of Clinical Social Work. Her current research interests include the use of mindfulness and positive psychology to support academic success, social engagement, and emotional wellbeing.



Cary Bosak卡里bosak,LCSW哥伦比亚大学医学院精神卫生服务加入bt365体育在线在2019年。她在一个范围内的,其中包括协调和发展在程序设置已经工作纽约长老会医院 - 康奈尔是性侵犯和亲密伴侣暴力,在Bellevue医院的急诊科,作为临床顾问哥伦比亚的幸存者提供的服务/巴纳德性暴力的应对方案,以及在纽约市的一个心理治疗实践。卡里心理治疗接受研究生培训,训练和EMDR(眼动脱敏和再处理)认证,并MBSR(基于正念减压)。她采用了正念的做法对她的工作,并先后在各类创伤,进食和身体形象的问题,以及妇女的健康问题的工作特别感兴趣。


Allan FlaggmanAllan Flaggman, MD completed his psychiatric postgraduate training at the University of Miami, School of Medicine in 1990 and received American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology certification in 1992. As a practicing psychiatrist since 1990, he has a specialty in psychopharmacology with college-age adults. He has worked part-time at the Health & Wellness Center since 2006. In addition to his work at bt365体育在线, he has worked at the Marymount Manhattan College Counseling & Wellness Center since 2010 and at Westchester Medical Center since 2015.


玛丽亚HOWELL - 卡特博士,心理学家

Marya Howell-Carter玛丽亚HOWELL - 卡特博士是心理学在明代尔州立学院系副教授和主席。她接受了她的博士在美国西北大学心理辅导。她是纽约州政府许可的临床心理学家与焦虑专业化,关系问题,并在青少年/年轻的成年居民心境障碍。她的教学职责包括个人和团体辅导,心理异常,女性的心理,和多元文化的心理。她目前的研究兴趣和出版物教育学,职业发展等领域,并从多种族背景的人的看法。玛丽亚是在威彻斯特中心进行心理教育和多个专业组织的成员,其中包括美国心理协会,该协会心理科学,黑色心理学家协会,社会对心理学的教学继续教育的APA联络。


anica mulzac,psyd心理学家

Anica MulzacAnica Camela Mulzac, PsyD earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University in 2012, before joining the Health & Wellness Center as a post-doctoral fellow in 2013. She received her license as a Psychologist in New York state in 2014, and has since been a senior clinician at bt365体育在线. She serves as the co-coordinator of the Peer Health Education Program, has a passion for community outreach, and enjoys working with people in transitional periods of their lives. Her professional interests include racial/ethnic relations, positive psychology, interpersonal relationships, disordered eating, and mood dysregulation (i.e. anxiety, depression). In addition to her role at the College, she launched a consulting firm titled “Race (+) Positive,” designed to help leaders, and professionals address and improve race relations in an honest, yet positive way. Her personal interests include volunteering, enjoying New York City, and being with loved ones.



Ayesha NagraAyesha Nagra, PhD joined the Health & Wellness Center in 2014. Prior to joining bt365体育在线, she worked at Manhattanville College, Columbia University, and Oregon State University. She earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Central Michigan University, and completed an internship in Clinical Psychology at Duke University. Her professional interests include working with students from diverse backgrounds with intersecting identities, working with international students and issues of acculturation, and helping ameliorate mood and anxiety states. She also enjoys working with and helping students develop mindfulness-based skills to increase resilience, build compassion for the self, and find happiness in the present moment.